Fishtank Creatives – A Great New Venture By Phatfish and Lou Fellingham

Regular long-time readers of my blog will be no stranger to the Fellinghams and Phatfish, and I have previously interviewed Nathan Fellingham.

I cannot commend them highly enough as possibly the premier examples of godly, humble, reformed, and charismatic musicians who for years have been in the business of helping the Church worship in a contemporary and yet biblical way. I can’t think of anyone else who has been around as long as they have who I would commend as highly. The following clip of a song showcases their songwriting and musical ability and quirky artistic style:

The good news is that you can now watch the entire video of “There is a Day That All Creation’s Waiting For” free online on a new website just launched.

The new site, has a lot of other video and audio resources, as well as an online store which sells downloads and physical CDs. It’s the best way to purchase if you want to make sure as much of your hard-earned cash makes its way to the artist rather than a middle-man! You can, however, also purchase their music via these iTunes links for Phatfish and Lou Fellingham.

Here is a recent press release that identifies other aspects of what these guys are up to better than I can. Launched – Win An iPod

Fishtank Creatives is a new initiative with a mission to encourage and facilitate Christian Music Ministry. We currently outwork this by looking after the management of Phatfish and Lou Fellingham. showcases all of the music, video and lyrics that have come from these artists over the years, and also includes training material for others involved in music and worship ministry. It is also the main source of information for new products and live events that Phatfish and Lou Fellingham are involved with, as well as handling all booking enquiries.

To celebrate the launch of the new web­site, Fishtank Creatives is giving away an iPod Touch loaded with the entire Phatfish and Lou Fellingham music catalogue. All you have to do to enter the draw is to sign up to the Fishtank Creatives e-mailing list and the winner will be drawn on October 17th.

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