Reformed Charismatic Church Plants in European Cities

One of the passions of this blog is to do everything I can to promote the growth of reformed charismatic churches. I have spoken already about the drive to plant Newfrontiers churches in the top 100 cities of America, and highlighted a plant in Chicago.

Today, in an update to news discussed during the prayer meeting in Brighton, I can report that two European church plants now have websites — Emmanuel Church, Greenwich and the Amsterdam church plant. If you are interested in joining either of these churches, they are both being led by friends of mine who I highly commend.

These new churches are part of a new drive to see international churches planted in the major cities of Europe. Due to the EU, there are now many people who move between the main cities of our countries for work. Many of them do not speak the language of their host country very well at all. Most speak English, so these English-speaking churches will be a quick way for Newfrontiers to expand into many areas of the European continent, although obviously always with a view to also blessing the native populations of these great cities. Please pray for this exciting drive as many of the European nations have even fewer evangelical churches than the UK.

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