A HAPPY NEW YEAR . . . Hope to Meet You in 2009!

This post is scheduled to publish as soon as the UK date changes into 2009. For many of you, I’m sure this will be your first New Year’s greeting, if only because you live in the USA and follow us in the time zone.

May the following verses be true of you this year:

The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

— Numbers 6:24-25

I love the fact that through the Internet I have made friends with many new people I would not have known otherwise. I hope I will get to meet many more of you during this coming year. If you see me at an event, do grab me and say hello. Here are a few notable dates where I may meet some of you:

  1. 23rd-25th January
    Together at Butlins. — A Newfrontiers event which is, I think, fully booked. I will do some live-blogging while I’m there.
  2. 1st February
    Hugh Palmer will be visiting Jubilee Church London. If you have always intended to come and visit the North London church I attend, but never got round to it, come and hear the chair of New Word Alive, who currently is Rector of All Souls, a position once held by John Stott.
  3. 6th-8th February
    Lee Abbey Writers Workshop. With my deadline looming, I realized recently that I need to learn how to write. Here’s hoping a weekend is long enough, and that it’s not too late! If you want to see me looking frantic as I realize how many schoolboy errors I’ve been making, then why not book in?! I will be staying at the retreat center where the workshop is hosted for a few days afterwards to pray and work on the book more intensively. Josh Harris recently posted about his angst in writing a book. Let’s just say I empathize totally!
  4. 30th March – 4th April (Week 1)
    4th-9th April (Week 2)

    New Word Alive. I will be present blogging for part of both weeks. If you are a UK evangelical and are not planning to attend any conferences this year, then shame on you! You could certainly do a lot worse than booking into this one.
  5. 7th-10th July
    Together On a Mission. After last year’s conference, who would want to miss it? Not me!

It’s possible I may be at one or two other Christian events over the course of the year, but the ones I’ve listed above are definitely on my schedule.

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