A Lovely Way to Start the Year

My lovely wife and I were both sitting here on our laptops next to each other in the lounge while the children were quietly doing things upstairs. It was a truly idyllic scene as my darling was editing the latest chapter of my book that I’ve been working on in some spare time over Christmas. I hope I haven’t neglected the family too much this Christmas—we have had some fun. Anyway, I must confess that, perhaps unsurprisingly, the scene hasn’t always been this peaceful this holiday, but it was about to get even better. All of a sudden we heard a patter of feet and my second daughter, Charis, presented Andrée and me with the following messages, which is certainly the nicest thing I’ve read so far this year!


My Dad has brown hair, as brown as chocolate that shines like the stars above. He has light blue eyes, as blue as the sky above me. They shine like the shimmering ocean down below me. His teeth are as white as mints. I just wanted to let all of these readers know that I love my Dad and I’m sure that he loves me too!


My Mum has brown silky hair that shines like the stars up above. Her eyes are as brown as chocolate and they are as delicate as a diamond and they shine like the ocean below. Her smile makes me feel safe and cosy. Her teeth are as white as mints. I just wanted all of you readers to know that my mum is my hero!

Charis Warnock, age 8

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