Together At Butlins

I interrupt my automated blogging to give you a bit of good old-fashioned live blogging from a Bible Weekend. Don’t expect too many posts, or the posts to be long posts. I won’t even be recording any interviews at this event. Why? Well, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that aside from my busy regular job, being a father of five, a husband, and part of the leadership team of Jubilee Church London, a small matter of a book project has been rudely intruding on the spare time I usually devote to blogging. So I am determined this weekend will also be a break for me.

So, I suspect a few of you are itching to know how its going. Well, so far I have at least a very rough draft of every chapter. Some of the drafts are less rough around the edges than others, but NONE of them are ready to go to the publisher yet.

I am due to submit on 1st April – perhaps appropriately as looking at it now I sometimes feel like a fool for agreeing to do this, even with the 2 years I have had to work on it. Can it ever be complete? Its currently too long by at least a quarter which I suppose is a good thing as editing something down is much easier than staring at a blank page wondering how on earth I am meant to fill 90,000 words (yes you read that right, its no slimline paperback this one!)

So why interrupt my work to go to a conference? Well as much as I am busy, and love the local church, there is something special about conferences. They uplift us, train us, inspire us, cause us to worship and leave us full of vision ready to return to the work we have to do each day. A good conference supports the local church and helps us to reboot and calibrate ourselves ready for the next season. This conference is particularly special as I am attending with my wife and children, and also a rather large contingent from Jubilee. I am really looking forward to it.

By the time you read this I will be there. I am not 100% sure I will be able to get wifi, so if I don’t then you can expect the live blog posts to appear when I return. If the thought of me being at a conference reminds you that you have yet to book into your 2009 conferences, then may I encourage you to do so. I will be at two more conferences this year- New Word Alive and Together On A Mission. Both are taking bookings, so go get yourself a place right now!

By the time you read this me and my family should be enjoying the delights of Butlins including go-karts, rides, food prepared for us, the sea air, o and yes worship and teaching with thousands of believers!

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