EOS 5D Mark II Testing Rode Videomic and iMovie

EOS 5D Mark II Testing Rode Videomic and iMovie from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.

This is just my third piece of video. For some reason I cant seem to get it to autofocus, and I also cant seem to get it to “freeze” the settings using the star button. So because of that I havent got both of them quite in focus.

But none of that was the real point of the video. I wanted to compare the on board mic and the Rode Mono Videomic. This required stitching the two videos together. I noticed that iMovie hung when trying to import the video from the card, so I used Quicktime player pro to downgrade the two clips to the Vimeo upload resolution (NOT the lower res that iMovie offers as an option). I then imported the clips into iMovie, strung them together, and because my lovely wife hasn’t yet taught me how to do a proper white balance using an “expodisk” I also tried a bit of color correction in iMovie. So, now you know it really does work with iMovie on a Macbook (not pro) provided you downgrade the video first. I have a theory that I may test next time which is that if you transfer the files onto the hard disk manually iMovie may find it easier to cope with them. They are BIG files of course. But compressed to vimeo HD (which is still very nice looking) the files are much more manageable.

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