NWA09 – Joining With People Who Want It All

Tomorrow, New Word Alive starts. I will be joining the event later this week, but not before submitting the manuscript of my first book “Raised With Christ – How The Resurrection Changes Everything” to my publisher on the 1st April. No rude comments about April Fool’s day there, OK?! 

I thought today that I would share a link to something of a personal manifsto post. It explains why I am so keen to meet up with people at this conference. I genuinely believe that we have much to learn from each other. For too long different wings of the church have ignored each other. Are you like me, do you “Want it all“?

If you are at New Word Alive, do email me your thoughts at adrian.warnock@gmail.com, facebook message me or include #nwa9 in any twitter posts, and I will try and share some quotes of what the week was like here during and after the conference. I will be live blogging later in the week and look forward to meeting some of you. We have blogger meet ups during both weeks for bloggers, those interested in starting a blog, and those just wanting to meet the bloggers they read each day.

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