What Are Your Worst Writing Peeves?

I have now almost finished polishing my manuscript ready for submission to Crossway. In the process I have discovered a number of terrible habits in writing that I have to break. Well, what I mean is, other people have discovered them.

I want to offer a big thanks for everyone who has helped me by reading the manuscript before submission. Some have made comments about structure, others about the theology, and others have focused more on grammar and style. Thanks to Andrée Warnock, Andrew Cottingham, Andrew Fountain, Andrew Warnock, Anna Averkiou, Annette Harrison, Arnold Bell, Ben Virgo, Bobby Jamieson, Dave Pask, Dave Bish, Frank Turk, Greg Haslam, Hannah Sandu, Henry Warnock, Joanne Soda, Joe Rigney, Liam Goligher, Marjorie Warnock, Matthew Hosier, Michael Reeves, Nathan Fellingham, Phil Butcher, Phil Moore, Scott Lamb, Stuart Emsley, Ted Hans, and Tope Koleoso. I just hope I havent forgotten anyone! Don’t feel bad to drop me an email if your name should be on this list and isn’t. And, subtle hint to those who still have a copy, its not too late (yet!) to get back to me and get your name on this list!

So here are some of my bad habbits that I have been rooting out of the document (thank God for the edit-find function!) Are there any howlers I havent committed?

My howlers
Surely, certainly, next, as follows, strikingly, note, notice, clearly, in fact, definitely, absolutely, without doubt, unusually, and basically loads of adverbs.

There are more but I have forgotten them already!

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