What Title Should I Use For My Book?

UPDATE – Thanks for all your feedback emails and messages. I think I am down to five, the first for with the same subtitle. The last one could be a title on its own or could replace “Living in Light of the Resurrection” with one of the others.

1. Raised with Christ – Living in Light of the Resurrection
2. Raised For Our Justification – Living in Light of the Resurrection
3. Raised For Our Salvation – Living in Light of the Resurrection
4. Raised To Save Us – Living in Light of the Resurrection
5. How the resurrection changes everything

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You my blog readers are now becoming my instant focus group. Having been sure for ages that “Resurrection Empowered Life” was the right title for my future book, I am now having significant doubts. So, basically, I want to give you a chance to pop over to my facebook group, my twitter page or just email me your own suggetions or comments on the list at the end of this post. Some of the following I don’t even like myself, so don’t feel bad at saying you don’t like them.

The book is basically about the idea that we have neglected the resurrection somewhat, and so we need to look again at the evidence for it, and its implications for us today in doctrine and experience. Here is a wordle of the latest draft which I am still working on. It shows the 100 most frequently used words in the book (minus certain common words) and so gives a good idea of what themes I am addressing. Click on it to zoom in.

Here is a list of some possible titles, some I quite like, some I hate, and some that are there just to give you ideas.

1. Just dropping the “Em” and saying The Resurrection Powered Life
2. The Resurrection and your life
3. The Resurrection and you
4. The Resurrection: Power for living
5. How to live in light of the resurrection
6. Living in light of the Resurrection
7. Experiencing Resurrection Power
8. Connecting to Resurrection Power
9. Resurrection and its implications for today
10. Resurrected for Our Salvation – How the resurrection changes us today

11. Raised to Save Us – Living in light of the resurrection
12. Resurrection – a Living hope for today
13. Refocussing on the Resurrection
14. How Focussing on the Resurrection could change your life
15. Living By Resurrection Power
16. The Power of Jesus Resurrection
17. The Power that Caused Jesus Resurrection
18. Living in the Power of His Resurrection
19. Raised with Christ – Experiencing the Power of his Resurrection
20. Raised with Christ – – Living in the Surprising Power of His Resurrection
21. Resurrection Power
22. Resurrection Life

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