Front Edge Evangelism Event 16th-17th May

On Saturday 16th May, my good friend, Lex Loizides, will be leading a day conference aimed at equipping Christians for the work of reaching out with the gospel. There are still spaces available at this event, which will take place at Kings Church Catford.

On Sunday 17th May there will be special guest services taking place across Southeast England. Lex will be speaking at one of these events which will begin at 10 a.m. at Jubilee Church in the Enfield Cineworld (on the A10). Lex will be preaching the gospel and praying for the sick.

The theme of the day conference is Authority:

The Authority of Christ: How much authority does Jesus Christ actually have? Is his mission in the world going to be successful? Does the name of Jesus really have authority today?

The Authority of the Believer: Do we have real authority as his followers – to heal the sick, to help those who are suffering and bring positive solutions to peoples’ lives?

The Authority of the Gospel: Is the gospel message still relevant and powerful? Can we grow in confidence as individuals so that the conversations we have and the friendships we build have a genuine effect?

Seminars will include:
  • ‘Missional Leadership: Learning to be missional as an individual, as a leadership team, and as a local Church’
  • Challenging Questions: What about other religions?
  • Leading people to Christ effectively
  • Getting to know our Muslim neighbors
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