Introducing a Blog By Ami

Ami Loizides is a 19 year old young woman who attends Church of Christ the King in Brighton. Her blog is nothing short of outstanding. She has an engaging style and is honest in reporting her musings. I would urge you to go and read it. Here are some extracts to whet your appetite:

“How important it is to be able to take real joy from serving God in the unseen as well as in what is out in the open.”

“Who’s approval are you seeking? If it’s the approval of others then yeah, it’s flippin’ hard to stay humble! If it’s wholeheartedly God’s approval, then surely it should be easy to remain humble; when you see what you’ve done compared to what Jesus has done. “

“It’s so easy to feel lonely in a crowd of people!”

“It is sometimes so so so easy to go through the motions as a Christian. It comes so naturally to raise your hands at certain points of the song in worship (note to self, it’s usually at the loudest part of the song when everyone’s nice and pumped up). And when a friend comes to you for advice, when someone needs a strong shoulder to cry on, the right words just come automatically as if memorised. Without realising it we can lose what it means to really worship and we can forego the challenge of tapping deep into the gift of wisdom that God has for us, and start saying what we’ve had said to us and what’s been repeated time and again.”

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