Travelling Again

It’s the time of year when I travel a lot. Perhaps you or someone you know are in the same boat or rather the same plane. Everyone is trying to fit in their meetings before the summer break. Once more I find myself sitting in the familiar Giraffe restaurant at Heathrow reflecting on what it is about this place that makes it so welcoming. There are few places like it in any airport in the world. Is it th decor? The imaginative food and drink product? Or the staff? Or a bit of everything. Certainly it has some kind of formula that keeps me coming back and helping me to approach the journey in the calm way every business traveller learns. Wherever I am in the world it can become my office, my relaxation room, or if I get my attitude wrong my prison! It really doesn’t matter if the plane is late. It makes no odds if I am sitting on the Tarmac or am in the air.

This trip is just as we Brits like to say “to Europe” and just for two nights. There won’t be any time for sight seeing. But as usual the hardest thing is leaving my wife behind to care alone for our children. Spare a moment to pray for her or a mother you know in the same situation. Perhaps even pop by and offer that mother some help, perhaps half an hour to pop out or just lie down with no interuptions. Don’t call first, though as you will just add to her burden as she panics that the house does not look like a show home! No ones house who has kids ever does! And like a teenagers spots, the blemishes always look worse to the individual than to anyone looking on.

This trip will soon be over, but my heart goes out to those mothers who are always alone and to those parents who never get to go out alone. Maybe there is something you could do to help one of them.

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