Top 40 Christian Blogs Referring Here

Twice a year I like to share by way of a thank-you a list of the top blogs and websites that have referred the most traffic here. I have always excluded search engines (and hence all google sites such as google reader) which are of course incredibly important in sending traffic here.
I realised that I had not done this over the summer. So, here is a list that covers 2009 to date. You will note that the major gainers this year are facebook (previously 4th, now 1st) and twitter (previously 18th, now 3rd).
These two social networking sites are both growing and playing a vital role on the internet. I find that there is something of a divide between the two. Some people love twitter and hate facebook, others are the other way around. As a busy guy I am very glad that thanks to I can automatically post headlines of all my blog posts onto twitter, and that these posts together with the tweets I send from time to time can be all sent direct (and again automatically) to the facebook status line by another application.
I find that people say things like “I saw something you wrote on facebook” even when they must have had to click through to actually read it. I also find that facebook and twitter conversation about blogs is much more friendly than comments used to be. So, in my view these are both a great asset and I seem to reach different groups of people on each.
The high place of owly seems largely due to a single tweet sent by John Piper which mentioned a sermon by Terry Virgo on prayer and led to thousands visiting to view the sermon. Twitter will continue its evolution into many things, one of which is a place to find interesting weblinks to visit.
But, as always, it is the other bloggers who have linked here that I really want to thank. Those thanks go to all of you–I don’t just mean the ones listed here, there are many, many more that I couldn’t list who between them probably sent more than any one blog. The single most helpful thing that any blogger can do for a blog they reads and indeed for their own readers, is to post a link to help the traffic keep flowing between us all. It also of course helps google know which sites to rate highly. Never underestimate the power of the link! I wonder who will be in this list come Christmas?
Top 40 Referrers to
1. (4)
2. (1)
3. (18)
4. (2)
5. (-)
6. (12)
7. (7)
8. (9)
9. (5)
10. (11)
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