Dinner With A Friend From the Evangelical Alliance

I got home just a little while ago from grabbing dinner with a man who I am starting to see as a friend. I am usually a little nervous about leaders in the broader evangelical movement if I am honest. I worry that my friendships with the people that run New Word Alive might make some perceive me as their enemy–I do appreciate that I am probably wrong to think that way, at least in most cases! I did not have any such concerns meeting Krish Kandiah, but if I had he would have allayed them instantly with his warm greeting.

In fact, Krish somehow currently manages to personally straddle the growing gulf emerging in UK evangelicalism. For example, he was I think, the only person who spoke last year at both New Word Alive and Spring Harvest and he didn’t get thrown out of either!

If Krish is reading this, he may by now be worried. He need not be as I do not believe in making the contents of private conversations public. Suffice it to say that we agreed on many things and disagreed firmly but respectfully on just a few.

Krish has an engaging warm personality and his passion for Jesus shines. In his attempts to foster dialogue and understanding between very different wings of the church at this time I do not envy him. I am not sure that it is even possible.

Krish is active in a number of iniatives. These include, his blog, the Slipstream network aimed at encouraging emerging leaders, the Square Mile, and a four-pronged plan to increase biblical literarcy called Bible Fresh. He has also invited me to be one of the speakers at DigiMission which takes place on 1st December. I can only be there virtually, but it looks like an interesting event.

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