It's Leadership Wot Won It

The remarkable story of the team which was brought back from the brink of closure and won both constructors and drivers championship in their first year under a new name is one that people will talk about for years. One of the best pieces of analysis I have found so far is on the BBC and is entitled The remarkable story of Brawn GP.

There is no doubt indeed that it is Brawn himself who has made the difference to this team. It is his leadership that has inspired and empowered his people. We would do well to study carefully what we can learn about leadership from this man. The Bible says go to the ant and learn, so we can surely learn from examples of good leadership out there in the secular world. Here is how the BBC write-up describes the almost miraculous effect of this mans leadership:

. . . pinning down exactly what makes the softly spoken 54-year-old Englishman the best technical manager in F1 is surprisingly difficult.”

“It’s amazing – it’s all very subtle,” says the Brawn insider. “It’s almost like you don’t know he’s doing it.

“He has meetings, and he talks about how he thinks things should be done in the future and so on, and because his reputation is second to none, you don’t question where it’s coming from. But he doesn’t come into the drawing office very much.

“He doesn’t tell everyone what to do, he just leaves us to get on with it. He’s not autocratic by any stretch of the imagination. He just gives people the confidence to do what they can do, and removes their concerns as they come up.

“The big thing is having the technical organisation he wants and letting them get on with it. It’s a strange thing, because it’s the same bunch of people who last year designed a dog.” READ MORE

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