Al Mohler on Raised With Christ

“The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead separates Christianity from all mere religion—whatever its form. Christianity without the literal, physical resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is merely one religion among many. Adrian Warnock points us all to the centrality of the resurrection for every dimension of the Christian life. Adrian is a first-rate communicator and a man whose life demonstrates the joy of Christ’s resurrection. You will be greatly blessed by this book.”
Al Mohler
President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Host, Albert Mohler Program

As I said when I interviewed him for the blog, Dr. Albert Mohler is a remarkable phenomenon who, by God’s grace, accomplishes more for the Kingdom than ten ordinary men could possibly hope to do!

This is the final endorsement I have received so far. I now look forward to reading some reviews in the future, including on blogs by some of my readers. If you have a suitable outlet for book reviews, feel free to send me a request to consider sending you a free copy. I have a number to give away. In the meantime there is little left for me to do, at least for now, except wait for the book to come out, and record more video for the free online study guide.

People have been very kind in their comments, and this leads me to dare to hope that Raised With Christ, How the Resurrection Changes Everything will be of use to a number of people. Certainly there are no subject that is more directly relevant to us today. I am very grateful for the help I have received from so many people. Publishing a book is far from a solitary activity. May God take this volume and use it to bring glory to his name.

On that note, I am actually going to check out for a little while now. We may not celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK, but two tweets today made me realize it was time once more to try to disconnect from as much technology as I can for a while (without dropping out of my job!). One tweet came from @TopeKoleoso: “Spending some extended time thinking, learning, praying, reflecting and writing. The soul needs solitude.” The second was from @sdmcbee: “If at the end of your life, your ministry is considered a success, but your family despises you, you have wasted your life.” I deliberately shut down the blog from time to time to try to focus more on prayer and free up some spare time to be with the family.

So, tomorrow I am going to post some links to some of my most popular posts of the past, then I plan on not writing anything more on the blog for at least two weeks.

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