Amazon Top 20 Future Christian Books

Raised With Christ currently appears in the top 20 Christian books due to become available on Amazon UK in the next 90 days, Meanwhile, on Amazon Canada it has broken into the top 20 books which cover eschatology and the top 40 books about Jesus.  Also, Amazon USA are offering Raised With Christ as part a special offer with a future book by Tim Keller.

The main thing that such lists indicate is that at least some people are pre-ordering a copy. Join us in praying that those who read Raised With Christ will find God uses it to renew their focus on the resurrection. Let us know if you post online your thoughts about the resurrection and expectations about reading the book. Links to some of these comments will be added to the video study guide.

Encouragingly, also in the top 20 future Christian books on Amazon is another British book about the resurrection. Sam Allberry is a good friend of Adrian’s who has written Lifted, a helpful introduction to this much neglected subject.

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