Server Problems

Well this is a new experience for me.

We have been experiencing server go-slows and even freezes today. It seems that at least for the way the server was set up there is just too much traffic!  In all my years of static blogger hosted on ftp I don’t remember a traffic spike causing me problems.  It reminds me of the preacher who was worried about his church building being too full so he decided he had to do something to make some of his congregation go away and not come back.   Kinda missing the point, huh!

Thanks to the troubleshooting work of Dwayne, we have managed to get things a bit more stable around here, but that has partly been at the expense of disabling (at least for now) some of the new swanky features I spoke about earlier.  We may try putting some of them back soon and see what happens, but not for now!  It looks like in particular the server couldn’t cope with a feature in our fancy ad-buttons  plugin being enabled which figures out what country each reader is from and serves them an appropriate advert.

I am on a fairly professional server, and it is more than possible that when Ian Jukes is up from his sick bed some super-admin  changes may get this thing moving better.  Anyone out there with any tips gladly received!

But hey, I can officially say my blog was so popular that one day the server couldn’t take the strain!  That is super-cool in a way.  I can just hear Scotty now saying “She cannae take the strain, Captain!”  I think the Klingon’s must have sabotaged us . . !  I am begining to wonder if I need some kind of upgrade to the engine.

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