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New Spurgeon Sermons

Phil Johnson describes the release of a volume of previously unpublished sermons from the undisputed prince of preachers.  Pray that God will raise up men like this to declare boldly his word, going after lost souls and complacent saints in the same message.  His was a voice you simply couldn't ignore. Out of love for Jesus, and his passion for the lost, his bold preaching gathered a truly large church.  Many preachers today would not dream of preaching about a passage before seeing what Sp … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Jeremy Simpkins

On my recent visit to northern England, I was able to interview the leader of the Newfrontiers North team. I was deeply impressed with what I saw and heard during the day as his team of around 100 people gathered. God is doing a great work in the North of England and many healthy growing churches have been planted. There was also an amazing sense of community and true friendship in the room. It was wonderful to see a group of leaders with very different gifts and personalities fused together … [Read more...]

Do YOU Neglect The Resurrection?

I admit that I often focus on the Cross of Christ but neglect the importance of the resurrection and I thank Mr. Warnock for penning this reminder. The book is filled with many personal examples, quotes from theologians (young/old, dead/alive) and practical applications for the resurrection. Check out the book I do not think you will be disappointed.From Mark. D. Kuykendall … [Read more...]

My Trip To The USA

This weekend I embark on a two-week trip on the other side of what we affectionately call "The Pond." I would value your prayers and look forward to meeting some of you. In some ways I wish I could stay longer and make it to more places, but this is the longest I would want to be away from my family. I thank God for iChat which will help me stay in touch with them.I do plan to blog about some of my experiences. Then, once I am home, Raised With Christ information will, as much as … [Read more...]

Bob Dutko Interview Live At 1 PM EST On Web And WMUZ 103.5 FM

Later today, Wednesday 27 January, at 1:00 PM Eastern time (6:00 PM UK time, 10:00 AM Pacific time) you can tune in to your radio or an online live stream at WMUZ 103.5 FM when Adrian will be interviewed by Bob Dutko about the resurrection. … [Read more...]

Newfrontiers Events

We especially welcome Newfrontiers visitors from the weekend's Together At Butlins conference and from Prayer and Fasting. At both events speakers kindly recommended Raised With Christ and the book was available. If you didn't manage to pick up a copy, Newfrontiers Resources are offering a special pre-launch price. … [Read more...]

Signing Off For A Few Days

I won't be on this for a while as I am going away with my lovely wife and some other couples, then attending Newfrontiers Prayer and Fasting. See you when I get back. … [Read more...]

Gossip vs. Flattery

R. Kent Hughes: Gossip involves saying behind a person’s back what you would never say to his or her face.Flattery means saying to a person’s face what you would never say behind his or her back.Disciplines of a Godly Man, p. 139via Justin Taylor. … [Read more...]

Please Pray For Resurrection Talks At Newfrontiers North

I am speaking today to around 100 leaders from churches across the North of England and Scotland. Please can you pray that God will help me. I know for sure that I still need God to reveal to me more deeply the wonder of Jesus' resurrection. How can I be sufficient to the task of inspiring others with the glorious implications  of the fact that Jesus rose again? There is a verse in an old hymn that speaks of God's faithfulness, "fitting me well for the tasks that are ever before me."  Please ma … [Read more...]

Welcome To Visitors From Newfrontiers North

Today, around 100 leaders from churches across the North of England and Scotland will gather to hear Adrian Warnock speak on the resurrection. Prayers for the event would be gratefully received.Some of them will probably visit this site afterwards, so a special welcome to you!Do also take a look at Adrian's blog, feel free to contact Adrian as he would love to hear your thoughts and comments about the vital subject of the implications of the resurrection for us today.If … [Read more...]