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We intend to link to as many reviews and comments about this book as possible.  Today, Pastoral Musings wrote:

Having enjoyed Warnock’s blog, I felt sure that I would enjoy his book. Little did I know that treat that I was in for. Not only does he quote from Piper, MacArthur, and J.I. Packer, but the ghosts of the apostles, Puritans, Jonathan Edwards, and especially that of Lloyd-Jones walk through the pages of Raised With Christ. So, too, does the Spirit of the risen Savior, Jesus Christ.

Warnock has not only been faithful to the Scriptures, but he has passionately presented his case for the need to recover a sound doctrine of the resurrection. READ MORE

Warnock contends that we have neglected the resurrection in our preaching, teaching, and daily living, and I fear that he is correct.

Rhys joined a video webconference yesterday and afterwards said:

From my own experiences in the reformed evangelical world I was bought up in here in Wales I saw that Easter Sunday, the day when we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, was somewhat relegated to second position of importance behind Good Friday the day we remember the death of Christ on the Cross. Perhaps this becomes even more apparent when we look at David Bebbington’s summary of classic evangelicalism: biblicism, a particular regard for the Bible (e.g. all spiritual truth is to be found in its pages); crucicentrism, a focus on the atoning work of Christ on the cross; conversionism, the belief that human beings need to be converted and activism, the belief that the gospel needs to be expressed in effort. Emphasis is put on the Cross and no mention, in Bebbington’s summary at least, to the resurrection . . . READ MORE

Finally, Jason Reid said:

Adrian Warnock has written a book about the Resurrection, which on its own is not surprising from a committed reformed Christian. What makes Adrian’s book both challenging and a unique contribution to the evangelical community, is that it wrestles with what this actually means to us as we live out our daily lives. . .READ MORE

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