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Phil Johnson describes the release of a volume of previously unpublished sermons from the undisputed prince of preachers.  Pray that God will raise up men like this to declare boldly his word, going after lost souls and complacent saints in the same message.  His was a voice you simply couldn’t ignore. Out of love for Jesus, and his passion for the lost, his bold preaching gathered a truly large church.  Many preachers today would not dream of preaching about a passage before seeing what Spurgeon had to say about it.  Here are some words from Phil’s forward to this exciting new volume:

Charles Spurgeon’s published sermons undoubtedly constitute the largest body of significant literature from the mind of a single author in the history of publishing. It is a legacy that will almost surely never be surpassed. Comprising an estimated 25 million words, the 3,563 sermons of the New Park Street Pulpit and Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit volumes contain more content than the Encyclopedia Britannica . . .

The fact that so many of Spurgeon’s messages have remained unpublished long after any paper shortage hindered the work is a decades-long travesty, and I’m thrilled Terence Crosby and DayOne are beginning to remedy it. The volume you hold in your hands is the first full-length supplement to The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit since my great grandfather’s era, and I am delighted to have it finally for my shelves.

via Pyromaniacs: New Spurgeon Sermons.

The publisher has put a sample online, and here is an extract of the treasures contained within this new book:

Well, now, for the noble rivalry, which of us shall love him most? Brethren, I hope you will every one of you excel me in this, but I will try my best to surpass you all. I should not like to sit down complaisantly, and say, ‘There, then, you may all love Jesus Christ more than I do.’ No; but I hope you will. And yet it shall be my aim by thought, by word and by deed, to offer the highest conceivable expression of my love to my blessed Saviour. I would, and I will, by the help of the Holy Spirit, give myself unreservedly to him. And then, if you take precedence of me, I shall have one consolation, like him of old in the Roman State, who, when others were elected to be consuls before him, said he was thankful that his country had better men than himself.

Let this searching question be seriously entertained by us all, ‘Which of us shall love him most?’ Let it not be which of us shall talk most pretentiously about him, nor which shall make the loudest profession. . .we do pray that our love to Jesus may increase in depth and volume, like the water of a full river fed by many springs; and that our love to Jesus may burn vehemently, and shine more and more brightly, like a fire which many waters cannot quench, neither can the floods drown it. May we be wholly given up unto him who loved us and gave himself for us! Which of us shall love him most? Let this question stimulate us during the week and throughout our lives, and may God help us to press forward in the sacred race, and win the coveted prize of his approbation, as disciples whom he specially favours and servants he delights to honour!  READ MORE

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