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Popular Posts On Church History

My friend Lex Loizides keeps plugging away at his excellent church history blog. It is well worth dipping into for some inspiring snippets of what God has done in the past. New posts appear in my sidebar with the other “Warnie” winners.Lex has identified and updated his five most popular posts, adding links that help them serve as gateways to the rest of the content of his blog. I thought I would share them here:1. John Calvin and Martin Luther—Some Differences2. The Birth of Modern Revi … [Read more...]

Having Our Cake And Eating It By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson concludes his guest series today, asking if there really is such a difference between Piper and Wright after all: So Wright and Piper agree about most things. They agree that God is the centre of everything, that he has a passion for his glory, that he has a big plan to bless the world, and that this is ultimately accomplished – and God’s righteousness ultimately displayed – through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. They agree that the covenant matters, personal salvation m … [Read more...]

Buried And Raised With Christ

Dan Marles, in sharing this quote, wasn't talking about Raised With Christ, but he was talking about the wonderful effects that Christ's resurrection has on us: "'Spirituality' is as successful as materialism in feeding our narcissism.” [Michael Horton] We can be religious and still be ruthlessly self-centered. What is really needed is not more spiritual self-help tricks but, rather, to be buried and raised with Christ and TRANSFORMED by Christ. The Gospel doesn’t involve spirituality or rel … [Read more...]

“Scholarship For The Layperson”

"Warnock draws upon Scripture and a wealth of scholarship, although the book is written for the layperson. Readers will be interested in knowing that he draws upon and cites Richard Gaffin a few times in the book. Warnock calls for us to consider not only the cross, but also the resurrection and what that means for both redemptive history and the application of redemption."from Feeding on Christ » Blog Archive » New Books by Piper and Warnock … [Read more...]

Wrighteousness By Andrew Wilson

Today Andrew Wilson continues his guest series on as he puts it "Wrightesousness"! John Piper and Tom Wright are my two favourite theologians. So I feel somewhat intimidated by the prospect of explaining why I think Wright’s most recent book, Justification, despite being outstanding and inspiring in many places, hasn’t really answered Piper’s questions. If I hadn’t just written my own book arguing both for Wright’s big picture and for Piper’s view of justification and imputed righteousness, then … [Read more...]

Wright, Piper, The Earth And The Sun By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson has been kind enough to write the following guest post for me. You really should get a copy of his books God Stories and Incomparable - they have been very well received. For more about the New Perspectives, and Wright in particular, there is a Sinclair Ferguson talk on the Gospel Coalition website. I’ve noticed a puzzling trend emerging in the last year or so, in all the debates we’ve seen over the gospel. It goes like this. If a Reformed theologian writes a book defending the his … [Read more...]

Early Reviews and Comments

We intend to link to as many reviews and comments about this book as possible.  Today, Pastoral Musings wrote: Having enjoyed Warnock’s blog, I felt sure that I would enjoy his book. Little did I know that treat that I was in for. Not only does he quote from Piper, MacArthur, and J.I. Packer, but the ghosts of the apostles, Puritans, Jonathan Edwards, and especially that of Lloyd-Jones walk through the pages of Raised With Christ. So, too, does the Spirit of the risen Savior, Jesus Ch … [Read more...]

Raised With Christ Is Launched!

I am delighted to be able to tell you that my book Raised With Christ has now been officially released. Keep track of reviews over at book is now available for immediate delivery from a number of the online stores listed in the sidebar on the book's website, and if you live in the USA, should be arriving at your local bookstore soon, if it’s not there already. The cheapest price for British readers can be found at where you can pre-order a copy, or get a b … [Read more...]

Raised With Christ NOW AVAILABLE

We are delighted to announce the official release of Raised With Christ. The book is now available for immediate delivery from a number of the online stores listed here in the sidebar, and if you live in the USA should be arriving at your local bookstore soon if it's not there already. As the Crossway blog said: Almost 2,000 years ago Jesus rose from the dead. As Christians, unfortunately we may have grown all too familiar with this, but the apostle John originally “fell on his face as though d … [Read more...]

Matt Chandler: The Weight Of Pastoring And The Knowledge Of Christ

It somehow seems appropriate that the second sermon I am sharing on the blog this year comes from Matt Chandler. Matt has a very similar philosophy to us at Jubilee, and his illness has driven us to pray for him. It has also prompted me to listen to and watch more of his talks.  The following is from a few years ago and is very honest about some struggles he had been facing just a few weeks before. Church leadership is not easy. Why don't we all make a resolution this year to do our best to … [Read more...]