Raised With Christ Is Launched!

I am delighted to be able to tell you that my book Raised With Christ has now been officially released. Keep track of reviews over at raisedwithchrist.net.

The book is now available for immediate delivery from a number of the online stores listed in the sidebar on the book’s website, and if you live in the USA, should be arriving at your local bookstore soon, if it’s not there already. The cheapest price for British readers can be found at 10ofthose.com where you can pre-order a copy, or get a better discount on a box of ten.

The Crossway blog announced the launch today. One of the strange things about today is that, of course, there is no launch party as such. So, I thought I’d invite you to join me in a virtual one right here.

Come to this site tomorrow (Thursday) from 12 noon Pacific time, 3 p.m. Eastern time, 8 p.m. UK time when there will be a video webcast where you can ask your questions about the book, and we can all hang out together like at a party. You can simply watch, type a question, or if you have a mic and/or webcam even join in.

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