Raised With Christ NOW AVAILABLE

We are delighted to announce the official release of Raised With Christ. The book is now available for immediate delivery from a number of the online stores listed here in the sidebar, and if you live in the USA should be arriving at your local bookstore soon if it’s not there already. As the Crossway blog said:

Almost 2,000 years ago Jesus rose from the dead.
As Christians, unfortunately we may have grown all too familiar with this, but the apostle John originally “fell on his face as though dead in order to worship his best friend,” explains author Adrian Warnock. “This was the Son of God in all his glory. Who could stand before him? This revelation of the glory and majesty of Jesus had shaken him to his core. The only appropriate reaction was reverence, awe, and wonder.” (pp 156).

Warnock writes out of deep concern that compared to his atoning death, Jesus’ resurrection sparks relatively little discussion in the church. We can become so focused on the cross where Christ died for our sins, that we almost forget he was “raised for our justification.”
To assume or neglect the resurrection is to neglect the gospel—in preaching, in evangelism, and in application to our own lives.
In reality the resurrection changes everything. . . READ MORE

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