Twitter Helps You Lead

I have been enjoying reading Michael Hyatt’s blog recently. He really gets social media, as well as being the dynamic leader of the largest Christian publishing house in the world.  His is a voice worth listening to.  I particularly liked what he had to say about Twitter in a conversation with a colleague:

“Twitter is an opportunity for you to lead in a way that was not possible until now.” I explained. “As you and I both teach, when you boil it down, leadership is influence. Agreed?” “Agreed,” he acknowledged. “Leadership is not about position, a title, or status. It is about influence. Plain and simple. I know you believe that, too, right?” “Right.” I continued, “If that’s true, then Twitter provides an unprecedented opportunity for people like us to extend and amplify our influence. You don’t have to buy time on television or radio. You don’t have to write a book or magazine column. You don’t even have to blog,” I went on. “All you have to do is write short 140 character micro-posts about what you are doing or—more importantly—what has your attention right now.” I could almost hear his brain shift into a different gear. “You and I both know that people today crave leadership. They are dying for role models. They want to see what good leadership looks like—as it is lived out in the challenges of everyday life.”

via Twitter as a Leadership Tool. (emphasis added)

If you are a leader, why not get yourself on Twitter today?

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