Chicago, Wheaton, And Detroit Radio

You can listen to an online stream at 5 PM ET (10 PM UK time) today of an interview with Paul Edwards, or if you live in the Detroit area why not tune your radios in?

No, I haven’t gone back to the United States. Thankfully most radio interviews can be done on the phone. I just thought that I really ought to post a bit about my time in the Chicago area. I haven’t got round to this yet thanks to the trip home and my still present jet-lag.

One highlight of my trip was going into Moody Radio studios to actually record a series of interviews. One was put out live on Moody’s Morning Show. The second will be aired on Moody’s Prime Time America from Monday to Friday next week each day, I believe sometime shortly after 6:30 PM ET. I also helped with an impromptu request to do a piece on N. T. Wright. I do not know yet when that will be used.

billyquoteThe Moody campus is an interesting place. The buildings are massive, and to see what has been achieved there makes you realize just how much God can accomplish through the inspiration of one man sold out for him. Visiting Moody’s museum for the first time,  and also once again in the Billy Graham Center, moved me close to tears. These two men were set ablaze by God and set the world on fire. Having spent just two weeks away from home traveling, I know that I would not want their lifestyles. I thank God for them, however, and pray that God will raise up the like again.

It was, of course, great to visit my publisher, Crossway Books, at Wheaton.  They are a small company who really punch way above their weight because of a big vision for the glory of God.  Speaking in their chapel was great fun.  I talked about the vital things that women do for the kingdom and the example of Mary and Martha and some other women connected to the resurrection.  During my time at Wheaton I stayed in the home of a member of my blog editor’s family, and got a chance to share a seafood dinner out with Annette and her son.

It was also fun to meet up finally with Matt Sweetman who is leading Destination Church Chicago, which is about to move to The ComedySportz Theatre  at 929 West Belmont Avenue, 60657. Their first meeting in the new venue will be at 09:00 AM a week from this Sunday (i.e. the 28th of February). If you are in the area, why not go and visit to support them?

They have some great people with them, including the Hosier’s who put me up, and a guy who ministers to male prostitutes in the area.  They really believe God has called them to reach out, see the lost saved, and grow significantly in the city of Chicago. Pray for them that God’s purposes will be fulfilled through them.

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