In Top 7000 At Amazon

Everyone says that it is important to take sales ranking figures with a pinch of salt, and they are, of course, right. These figures fluctuate quickly and are far from being the only gauge of a book’s popularity.  But they are almost the only publicly available way to assess how a book is doing.

Those who believe in the central premise of Raised With Christ, which is that we must stop neglecting the resurrection, will be encouraged to hear that people do seem to be buying this resurrection book at Amazon.  As of today,  Raised With Christ is reported as being in the top 7000 books sold. Remember that millions of books are listed there. also reports that they are likely to temporarily go out of stock as they only have one copy left.

If you haven’t ordered  your copy yet, and they do have a brief period without any books to send out, there are several other online bookstores listed in the sidebar on this site.  Or, you could visit your local bookstore and ask if they have it in stock; many do.

UPDATE – Amazon appears to have received a new delivery, so remain able to fulfill orders.

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