Managing The Re-entry

Jet lag, when you travel from the UK to the USA, is not so bad as the other way around, of that I am sure!  On arrival stateside, for a few days you feel almost invincible.  Although a little tired in the evening, you force yourself not to go to bed too early.  Then, around 3 or 4 AM, it’s like a switch is pressed in your head. Bing! You are awake.  So, before anyone else is up, you get to do almost a whole extra day’s work.  And until the second or third day, a bit of coffee or tea is all you need to keep going through the day.  By the time you are starting to feel really tired, your body gives up the fight and you can sleep again like normal.

Coming home, it quite literally feels like your body arrives at least 48 hours before your spirit.  This time it feels longer than that!  I find myself incredibly hungry at odd times, and feeling physically sick at others, when everything within me says “sleep” but the alarm clock and my appointments for the day both say wake!  In fact, it’s Tuesday already, and almost the only times that I haven’t felt tired since getting home on Saturday are, firstly, on Sunday morning when the excitement of being back at the one and only Jubilee London gave me some adrenaline, and secondly, the first half of the night, every night!  I am quite literally shattered until the moment my head hits the pillow, when that switch seems to be activated once more, but not to the extent that I can do anything very useful as I stay awake.  Each night I hope and pray that my body will finally figure out that the fact it is dark is a big clue:  NOW is the time to sleep, not during the day!  I’m just glad I work from home, though I’m not sure my wife is right now as the kids are off school and I am not much help at the moment.  Things should be back to normal soon, though, I hope! I did manage to take four of the kids  swimming in the early evening today, which was fun.

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