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Two Books On Ruth By John Piper

The man is a dynamo. Knowing as I now do how much heartache and mental effort can go into just one book, the many volumes that Piper has produced are a monumental achievement. Most of us find it hard to even keep up with reading all of them. They are all good, but some of his works stand out as exceptional. I believe that his book on Ruth called A Sweet and Bitter Providence (Crossway, 2010) is one that it is important you do not miss. Piper crams a lot of teaching into a short book, which also … [Read more...]

You Should Care About Politics – Make The Cross Count

I intend to blog a bit about the UK's election over the next weeks. I am more interested than usual about this one. Perhaps this is partly because a friend of mine is standing. But, it is also a critical election for us because of the state of the nation's finances, among other things.  Some of my American Christian readers would just assume that we would all support the conservative party without a moment's thought. Our politics is not as simple as that. I will try and explain things a bit in … [Read more...]

Raised With Christ Launched In UK

I am  pleased to announce  that Raised With Christ - How The Resurrection Changes Everything has now been released in the UK. It is available to order from Newfrontiers Resources for immediate dispatch. This Lent why not read a book about the resurrection of Jesus and its implications for us today? Isn't it time we stopped neglecting this central foundation of our faith?You can find your local Christian bookshop at If you run a Christian bookshop visit their blog for … [Read more...]

Chicago, Wheaton, And Detroit Radio

You can listen to an online stream at 5 PM ET (10 PM UK time) today of an interview with Paul Edwards, or if you live in the Detroit area why not tune your radios in?No, I haven't gone back to the United States. Thankfully most radio interviews can be done on the phone. I just thought that I really ought to post a bit about my time in the Chicago area. I haven't got round to this yet thanks to the trip home and my still present jet-lag.One highlight of my trip was going into Moody Radio … [Read more...]

Justin Taylor Interviews Me About The Resurrection

Justin Taylor is a long-time electronic friend of mine.  He has always struck me as a good brother when I have met him face to face, and I very much enjoy his blog.  A couple of years ago I interviewed him by email. This video is him turning the tables on me.  We talk about my book Raised With Christ. This first appeared on Justin's Blog. Let him know if you think he makes a good interviewer as he is considering doing similar films with other authors in the future. I think he did really well and … [Read more...]

Interviewed By Justin Taylor

HT Justin's Blog. … [Read more...]

In Top 7000 At Amazon

Everyone says that it is important to take sales ranking figures with a pinch of salt, and they are, of course, right. These figures fluctuate quickly and are far from being the only gauge of a book's popularity.  But they are almost the only publicly available way to assess how a book is doing.Those who believe in the central premise of Raised With Christ, which is that we must stop neglecting the resurrection, will be encouraged to hear that people do seem to be buying this … [Read more...]

Managing The Re-entry

Jet lag, when you travel from the UK to the USA, is not so bad as the other way around, of that I am sure!  On arrival stateside, for a few days you feel almost invincible.  Although a little tired in the evening, you force yourself not to go to bed too early.  Then, around 3 or 4 AM, it's like a switch is pressed in your head. Bing! You are awake.  So, before anyone else is up, you get to do almost a whole extra day's work.  And until the second or third day, a bit of coffee or tea is all you ne … [Read more...]

Resurrection: The Hinge of the Gospel

At times, the American church seems to neglect the resurrection.  I, along with others, have been guilty of trying to explain the Gospel of Jesus Christ without a significant emphasis on the resurrection. We say things like, “Jesus died for your sins.” Now that is certainly true, but it is incomplete without any mention of Jesus’ subsequent resurrection. Jesus’ penal substitutionary death on the cross and victorious resurrection from that death are what guarantee those who are in Christ etern … [Read more...]

On Moody Radio’s The Morning Ride

Adrian Warnock was interviewed live in the studio at Moody Radio last week. You can listen to the interview online.. … [Read more...]