Is the Church Neglecting the Easter Message of the Resurrection?

The church in the 21st century is neglecting to preach about the resurrection, according to a new book by popular Christian blogger Adrian Warnock. “Jesus’ resurrection is often only mentioned at Easter time. But if we take someone to the cross and leave them there, we have only done half the job,” says first-time author Warnock, whose book, Raised with Christ, has just been published in the UK and USA. “Not preaching about the resurrection is a major reason for the weakness, lack of joy, poor growth, spiritual decline, compromise with sin, and many other problems in the church today.”

Warnock goes further on what he believes are the problems that have resulted from neglecting the resurrection. “Without the resurrection, the cross is just a meaningless tragedy. If we don’t declare that Jesus rose again, we have not shared the biblical gospel at all. There is therefore no surprise that we see few conversions. We are not declaring the full gospel, which is the power of God to save us.”

via Is the church neglecting the Easter message of the resurrection?

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