“Warnock seeks to rivet the reader’s attention on the resurrection of Jesus Christ”

In this his first book Warnock seeks to rivet the reader’s attention on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The cross of Christ and his death has been the traditional emphasis of the western church, both in positive remembrance, and over the last few years, deeply-felt theological wrangles over its meaning to which Warnock has been no stranger. In this book though he seeks to move our attention onto the positive Christian declaration that Christ who died, rose again and now reigns. He demonstrates that while the resurrection was absolutely central to the life, witness and proclamation of the first Christians – it is often merely assumed by today’s church. The central prominence of this theme in the New Testament is simply not reflected in contemporary preaching, praying, publishing, faith, hope or Christian practice! He has a good point and he makes it well.

via That Hideous Man: Book Notes: “Raised with Christ” by Adrian Warnock.

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