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Shingles returns, please pray

This was going to be a very busy week–both at work and church, as we have John Piper this weekend. It was meant to be so busy that I have pre-programmed some blog posts to last us until Friday. But in the last few hours I have been hit by the unmistakable symptoms of shingles. I had it once before, four years ago. This is another reminder that God is God and I am not.Ironically, it struck at around the same season in the year back then. So far I am nothing like as sick as I was that time, but … [Read more...]

Ask John Piper a question this week

When Piper announced his sabbatical, he mentioned that there were three foreign trips that he would be taking. We in the UK are thrilled that a trip to London was one of them. He will be preaching at two leaders conferences and on Sunday morning at Jubilee Church.  His wife and daughter will travel with him and they will get to enjoy some vacation time also.The Ask John Piper series is very popular and he is very good at Q and A times. So we are pleased that he has agreed to take questions at … [Read more...]

Why your church doesn’t feel like family

Mark Driscoll is at his very best in the following clip. Ever wondered how family and mission entwine, especially in a growing church where you don't know anyone? Ever wished for more intimacy and a greater relational feel in your church? Ever felt neglected and rejected in your church? Ever felt like your church was not your home? Watch this clip and be prepared to be blown away. I love the way he begins: Family is a category of relationship that the world knows nothing about. What's better … [Read more...]

Preaching in your own strength vs the Holy Spirit's power

Too much Christianity today is devoid of the felt power of God. The following quote incisively speaks to our lack of dependence on God. Although it rightly focuses on preaching, the same could be said of blogging, or indeed everything we do. It is only as we are conscious of being carried along by a power outside of us that our limited successes will not cause us to become exhalted with our own puny self importance.On one occasion I had tea with Martyn Lloyd-Jones in Ealing, London, and … [Read more...]

Dispelling a myth: Apple products DO have technical glitches

Apple marketing, and Apple users like me, have a tendency to almost gloat that "it just works." The vast majority of time that claim is true, to be honest. Owning an Apple product really does mean not having to worry about viruses or spy ware, not having to reinstall the operating system to speed it up again, and not worrying about drivers or programs being incompatible. It means eagerly installing upgrades to operating systems the day they come out. It really is a joy. Before today, I had … [Read more...]

Real men DO cry

A couple of weeks back I was on my way to the Dwell conference, an Acts 29 event. I was listening to Lou Fellingham's new album on my iPhone. As I neared the meeting place the track "My God Cares" came on. Without any warning, I found myself moved to tears. The compassion of God impacted me once again. I was caught up in the moment, experiencing the love of God, and amazed by his unrelenting desire to save.But then a wave of slight anxiety hit me. I was about to go into a public meeting. It … [Read more...]

Raised With Christ Study Group Session Two

I know not everyone who wanted to join the study group  has had a chance to answer last week's questions, but I was eager to get part two up today. I only just made it!  Please feel free to pop back to last week to catch up, or just jump in right here.  I am also very interested in any suggestions for additional study questions that might be helpful in a small group setting. On advantage of this online setting is that we do not all have to be online at the same time to join a study group.  I wil … [Read more...]

“Helped me to see I’d missed quite a lot”

"Great to think for a bit about how the resurrection impacts everything. Previously I'd had a far too narrow understanding of its implications but this book has really helped me to see I'd missed quite a lot!"via KEEPING ATTENTIVE: It's Been a While!. … [Read more...]

Pascal's experience of God: something many modern Christians miss entirely

One fascinating thing that I quote in Raised With Christ is J. I. Packer's assertion that Puritans were very unlike Christians today in that they liked to talk about their experiences of God. Today I want to share with you the record of a remarkable experience of God had by Pascal. The following quote is a translation of a document found sewn into his clothing after his death. The original French can be found at the link below.The quote that follows is credited by John Piper with having … [Read more...]

Will you join me as part of the 1% ?

Desiring God is definitely my favorite ministry in the whole world (unless of course you include the family of churches of which I am a part). There is no doubt that they have done an incredible amount of good. For years they have been very generous offering a vast array of materials for free online.We seem to be beginning to realize as a culture that expecting individuals and organizations to give information away for nothing is not really viable. Desiring God are facing significant … [Read more...]