Preaching in your own strength vs the Holy Spirit's power

Too much Christianity today is devoid of the felt power of God. The following quote incisively speaks to our lack of dependence on God. Although it rightly focuses on preaching, the same could be said of blogging, or indeed everything we do. It is only as we are conscious of being carried along by a power outside of us that our limited successes will not cause us to become exhalted with our own puny self importance.

On one occasion I had tea with Martyn Lloyd-Jones in Ealing, London, and decided to ask him a question that concerned me. “Dr. Lloyd-Jones,” I said, “how can I tell whether I am preach-ing in the energy of the flesh or in the power of the Spirit?” “That is very easy,” Lloyd-Jones replied, as I shriveled. “If you are preaching in the energy of the flesh, you will feel exalted and lifted up. If you are preaching in the power of the Spirit, you will feel awe and humility.”

Edmund Clowney, Preaching Christ in All of Scripture (Wheaton: 2003)

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