Shingles returns, please pray

This was going to be a very busy week–both at work and church, as we have John Piper this weekend. It was meant to be so busy that I have pre-programmed some blog posts to last us until Friday. But in the last few hours I have been hit by the unmistakable symptoms of shingles. I had it once before, four years ago. This is another reminder that God is God and I am not.

Ironically, it struck at around the same season in the year back then. So far I am nothing like as sick as I was that time, but the next day or so will prove critical. Shingles can be very mild, but it can also be very nasty. I am taking time off sick, and will see the GP for acyclovir, but most of all I crave your prayers. I really want to be able to attend our 300 conference and it is a very inconvenient time to be off work. Please ask for God’s mercy. The blogs I set up to post automatically will continue.

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