Events for the rest of 2010 and resting over the summer

My diary is filling up fast. Work-wise it looks like I am going to have to be in the USA three or four times between now and Christmas as well as traveling to Europe.  So it is just possible that I might be able to squeeze in connecting with one or two of my American friends.  Let me know on if you are interested in this or even possibly fitting in a resurrection talk, though that may not be so easy. 2010 is almost full for all the preaching away that I am happy to do, and I am beginning to fill up in 2011 as well. For an up to date calendar, see the Raised With Christ page. I would really appreciate a few of you dropping me an email to agree to pray for some of these events, and I look forward to meeting some of you at them.

I am sure that you will understand that with a schedule that includes a full-time secular job, this blog, opportunities to discuss my book, church leadership, fatherhood and most importantly being a husband, I am very busy! I am not feeling drained at the moment, but am instead energized.  However, I am very glad to be going on holiday this weekend with my family. At some point between now and then, I will be completely disconnecting from the online world. Pray for us that we have a truly restorative and enjoyable memory-building time. Parents of five children under 14 will know that this will in itself require something of a miracle!

I am fortunate that I have an abundant supply of some great guest posts that have been sent to me via email, some material I have already written, and some videos to share with you.  As such, the blog will remain on autopilot, and while there may be a slight reduction in frequency, posts will continue to appear here as if by magic over the next few weeks.  I will remain largely disconnected from the Internet, however, and will not be writing new blog posts, facebooking or tweeting from when I disconnect until the beginning of September.  The only email I will answer during this time will be that which I receive on my work address and for which I am paid to reply! So, if you want to ask me something get in there quick today!  I find that cutting  back on at least some of my other responsibilities is very helpful to me. Pray that I will get good perspective on what God is calling me to do and be for the rest of the year. Pray also that even on our return from holiday, I will therefore be able to take some more time when I am not working to build quality relationships with my family.

Here are my diary dates over the course of the next few months (in addition, I will also be participating in a number of Jubilee Church events)

Saturday, August 7
2-30 PM Premier Christian Radio‘s Unbelievable?
A conversation with a liberal about why the physical resurrection of Jesus really matters. Listen live via a radio or the web.

Sunday, August 15
Preaching at King’s Church, Ilford

Sunday, September 19
Preaching at Kings Community Church, Braintree

Sunday, October 24
Preaching at Community Church Bishops Stortford

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