Top Twenty Five Pages from this site this year

As I go off on my blog leave (though some automated pre-planned posts will be arriving most days here throughout the summer) I thought you might be interested to know what the most frequently visited pages on this site have been during 2010 so far.  Interestingly, some golden oldies are still attracting traffic, and some of the new category and information pages are proving way more popular than I thought they would be.  You might want to catch up on those you have missed.  I don’t think that there are many people who will have already read all of these posts:

  1. Matt Chandler on being a reformed charismatic.
  2. Preach to Change Them In Their Seats – Tim Keller.
  3. Links. (Boy does that page need a tidy up, but the facility to search websites I have linked to over the years is very worthwhile if you are researching something!)
  4. What is a Reformed Charismatic?
  5. N.T. Wright says it right.
  6. ABOUND IN HOPE! – A Sermon on Romans 15:13
  7. John Piper on Baptism with the Holy Spirit.
  8. Mother’s Day Sermon – Comfort Like a Mother.
  9. Sermons
  10. Sam Storms, John Piper, and John Bunyan vs. Wayne Grudem, Al Mohler, and Mark Dever.
  11. Interviews
  12. Books
  13. Why Do I Love Rick Warren?
  14. INTERVIEW- Mark Driscoll on the resurrection.
  15. VIDEO – Billy Graham Preaching in 1958.
  16. Steve Chalke and “The Lost Message of Jesus”
  17. New John Piper sermon: The Gospel and racial harmony
  18. John Piper taking eight-month break from ministry
  19. The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit – A Sermon
  20. Preaching and teaching tips for an Easter sermon
  21. Matt Chandler Video Blog
  22. John Piper’s Most Important Book – Finally Alive.
  23. Unity in diversity – Rick Warren, John Piper, and New Word Alive.
  24. Do YOUR friends know what Easter means?
  25. John Piper on why he invited Rick Warren to speak at the DGM conference.

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