Ed Stetzer interviews me on unpaid Christian leadership

A friend of mine recently turned the tables on me and interviewed me in a post entitled Ed Stetzer – My Interview with Adrian Warnock: Why We Need Non-Paid Christian Leaders. If I am quite honest, until recently I never really thought of myself as a Christian leader at all. Ed seems to be talking here about leadership as influence. And so, understanding that I really do not have any of the responsibility and accountability of leadership (except to a limited extent in my local congregation), by virtue of the fact a number of people read this I have come to appreciate that there is some influence that God has entrusted to me. The main effect this realisation has on me is making me concerned to wield that influence for broadly good aims. One of the best ways I can do this is to point you to helpful leaders and material. Go read Ed Stetzer’s blog right now if you havent already, and get ahold of one of his books right away!  Here is the brief video we filmed together:

Watch on Vimeo.

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