A conference you simply cannot miss – the LAST Together On A Mission

I want to urge you to get the dates in your diaries already, and be alert to whenever the ticket sales are announced.  Next summer, in a climax to the annual Newfrontiers events that have been a major part of my life most summers for over 30 years, Terry Virgo will host the final combined leadership and student / 20s event in Brighton.  Conferences have come and gone over the years in Newfrontiers, and this will of course not be the last conference Newfrontiers ever runs.  (So, for example New Day, the Together @ events, and Everything will continue as far as I know).  But these Brighton conferences have played a big role in our community life together.

We are far from winding down as a movement, and I am sure that this event will be a spring board for what God has for us in the future.  So, whether like me you are a golden oldie member of Newfrontiers, have just got involved more recently, or are simply fascinated by what a movement of reformed and charismatic churches look like, plan to come along!  I have a hotel room booked already, and I know there will be many friends coming from every continent in the world.  As you look to 2011, do please plan on coming!  See you in Brighton between July 12th and 15th!

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