Terry Virgo meets Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Terry was prompted by the release of several new recordings of the Doctor’s preaching to blog about two times he met with Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones. It makes compelling reading.  He quoted the doctor as telling the young reformed charismatic,

“the greatest sin of the evangelical church is telling God what He could not do.”

Terry also spoke about a powerful moment when the Doctor had been preaching:

On another deeply memorable night at the Chapel, he started his sermon in Acts but was drawn into Romans 1 and concentrated on the three times where it is stated ‘God gave them up’. I haven’t heard such preaching before or since. I have never felt the sense of awe and fear of God as I felt during that amazing sermon.

As he concluded, we sang the inevitable closing hymn, but, having sung it, everyone sat in silence for long moments and no one rushed to leave the building. It was perhaps the most awesome moment I have ever known in church and an experience that was not simply personal to me but being felt across the whole hushed congregation.

via Terry Virgo’s Blog » Blog Archive » Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones preaching in Pensacola.

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