Review by Terry Delaney

Adrian begins with the importance of the death and the resurrection of Christ and the glorious promise that Christ will come again. It gives me chills just typing that!

He then moves into a semi-apologetic approach to the resurrection of Jesus Christ by looking at what Scripture says as well as some historical external evidence of the reality of the resurrection. From here, we read chapter after chapter exhorting the regenerated person in Christ to live in the reality of the resurrection. Nancy Pearcey in a blurb perhaps says it best, “Raised with Christ explains the promise that the life of the risen Christ can transform our lives today.”

Can anything negative be written or said about a biblio-centric book on the importance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ? I would argue that no, it cannot. With six pages full of biblical references in the Scripture Index, the reader knows that the Bible is the source for Adrian’s work. What is more, his exegetical prowess is on target on every page. He really leaves no stone unearthed though I know there could be much, much more written in his 272 pages.

Buy this book. That is all. Seriously, reading Raised with Christ was a great encouragement to my soul and I am sure it will be to yours as well. To learn anew the importance of the resurrection think back to when you first believed will reenergize your walk with Christ.

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