Terry Virgo: Speak with confidence about the central things

Terry Virgo is continuing to share his series of video interviews with his son. Today I share here another video which addresses Terry’s view of the Bible. Here is an extract from his words about things we must preach boldly and clearly:

Present God in his person and character. Present Jesus without any disguise. We need the authentic Jesus. The fact that he is God and man. Be very clear about the trinity and these unchanging realities about God. People say he didn’t actually rise from the dead, we so no, he actually,physically rose from the dead. Once we have nailed things like the resurrection, other things fall into place. It is vital for us to hold onto big issues like how you become a Christian, who God is, there are huge themes that there is no room for any kind of debate about. Certainly there will be some things that are more open to question, and tentative attitudes are appropriate. It is for us to humble ourselves we don’t want to come across in an authoritarian way over things that are less clear. But the major issue is that we stand by the Bible, and most Christian issues really are very clear indeed and we are not going to be tentative with them.

Terry then goes on to explain why, for him, the outpouring of the Spirit to empower believers is not a peripheral or marginal issue, but is a main thing, and that he is a charismatic because of what he reads in the Bible. The interview concludes, “If it could be demonstrated to me that that is not biblical, I would have to rethink and review, because to me the Bible is the final word.”

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