Tweets from 2010-11-21

  • Tweets from 2010-11-20: Just back from an incredible evening with my wife, other Jubilee leaders and the 20s. Th… #
  • Rt @Inlow "What would you say to a friend who has lied to you as many times as fear has?" – Jack Hayford #
"That is definitely one of those things that is going to depend on the individual. ..."

Will a Christian who commits suicide ..."
"Hi John. The last few months have been a challenge due to my health. But ..."

‘You Can’t Say That to God?!’
"Hey Adrian, looks like it as been about six months sent you wrote about God ..."

‘You Can’t Say That to God?!’
"Well if we start with letting our guard down a bit, perhaps we will end ..."

‘You Can’t Say That to God?!’

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