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  • @timlings Emotional response in God, I agree with, but that doesn't to my mind mean he didnt know it would happen So its more disgust really in reply to timlings #
  • @timlings Do tell me more about how I can improve on my definition of an open arminian in reply to timlings #
  • @phunni @johnjwilks Thanks have amended my lists slightly to reflect your comments. Where else did I get it wrong? in reply to phunni #
  • @timlings I know that one day my parents will die. I will still grieve when it happens. Emotions are possible even if you know the future #
  • @timlings mmm…that makes it sound like Man over-rules God. What do u make of what Joseph said to his brothers? You meant this for harm… in reply to timlings #
  • I never claimed God makes murderers. He is perfectly good, never tempts with sin nor is tempted by sin. James 1:13. He does STOP murder tho #
  • @timlings OK, I agree that "things haven't turned out as God had would have wanted" but I believe he could have stopped it & turns it around in reply to timlings #
  • @timlings Romans 8:28 doesnt take away man's responsibility but means that God turns even evil around for good if he decides not to stop it in reply to timlings #
  • @timlings OK, I think I just got a good sentance for my blog on Open Arminians. I am glad that man is not trully free, but partly free! in reply to timlings #
  • @timlings If God doesnt know the future or has decided not to stop sin, how can he promise me anything in this life? in reply to timlings #
  • @timlings I think we agree on that. Man is responsible for his sin. God sometimes restrains it, sometimes allows it, but saw it before in reply to timlings #
  • @timlings God has full knowledge of all future events and full power, but he does not always use that power to stop sin. Isaiah 46:9-10 in reply to timlings #
  • With my imperfect knowledge I often guess what my wife will do. With God's perfect knowledge and timelessness he always KNOWS what we'll do #
  • @timlings You ask "Why doesnt he stop sin?" But, if you say God limited himself so we have free will you have the same question to answer! in reply to timlings #
  • @timlings God does not force you to choose, he just knows you will. I know my kids will always choose Ice Cream, but they are free not to in reply to timlings #
  • @auntyamo Amen to God knowing what you will do and your responsibility. But God does stop you sinning sometimes so its not 100% free! in reply to auntyamo #
  • I have decided discussing theology on Twitter is fun as it forces you to make one point at a time. Wanna join in on calvinism / arminianism? #
  • @rheistuman Totally. @AdmiralCreedy Of course U R right but its good to talk doctrine sometimes. @samhailes check out #
  • @AdmiralCreedy God doesn't just laugh @ man's folly as in Psalm 2 but has real humor and joy. He invented happiness & is the happiest being in reply to AdmiralCreedy #
  • @AdmiralCreedy "In your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore." Psalm 16:11 in reply to AdmiralCreedy #
  • @phunni I refuse to believe God actively plans murders. Rather, knowing that others desire to murder he decides whether to stop it or not in reply to phunni #
  • @0lijfje We have responsibility for our actions. But our wills are not free. God constrains them & frequently frustrates our desires to sin in reply to 0lijfje #
  • @timlings God's ultimate will is always done. But not always what he takes pleasure in, however. He does not delight in sin but sin happens in reply to timlings #
  • @timlings In a chess game a great player will know exactly what his opponent will do. God is like that, but can also STOP his opponents acts in reply to timlings #
  • @timlings There are two wills in God. That which he desires and commands, and that which he permits to happen. Ultimate example is cross in reply to timlings #
  • @timlings I do believe God chooses us (Eph 1). If I sometimes sound Arminian and othertimes hypercalvinist then I am happy! Spurgeon-esque! in reply to timlings #
  • @timlings I am arguing that God, sits outside time sees every decision which could be made by everyone, and can therefore decide how to act in reply to timlings #
  • @timlings That Isaiah verse I mentioned says he knows everything always. Otherwise how can he prophecy anything? in reply to timlings #
  • @timlings I believe that every moment past present and future are equally present to God and that time itself was made by him in reply to timlings #
  • Some things are what God wants and man wants, others only God wants and he forces man to do, others man wants but God allows to turn to good #
  • God only wants good things but sometimes allows evil to occur for good purposes No evil act occurs where the idea is put into a man by God #
  • @timlings I think I would enjoy life more if I knew the future perfectly like God does! in reply to timlings #
  • @timlings God reacts emotionally to every event that has hever happened and will ever happen simultaneously. Thus nothing destabilises him in reply to timlings #
  • @phunni Jehu was told to execute God's judgement on Ahab. Not the same thing as murder at all. in reply to phunni #
  • @timlings By making God seem human U deny his power and make him less than God. How can I trust him to keep me if he doesnt know the future? in reply to timlings #
  • @timlings I already know for sure I am going to die. If I knew when it was, I would seize the time I have left even more and enjoy it in reply to timlings #
  • @timlings Knowing it might and knowing it will are different things. In God's case he DOES often "do something" and limits our acts in reply to timlings #
  • If a policeman learns of a plot to murder then arrests the murderer, he has changed the course of time. In God's case he does it eternally #
  • God is not the author of sin but he sure stops a lot of it from happening. #
  • @timlings If it is partly open to him, then he cannot be trusted to keep me or accomplish ALL his purposes! in reply to timlings #
  • @timlings I am trusting him for Romans 8:28 ie that even bad stuff will work for my good. in reply to timlings #
  • I have a desire to eat. God knew from eternity that right now that desire would overrule my desire to discuss. So now I go to cook bacon! #
  • RT @josephmcbee: @adrianwarnock Bacon is certain proof that there is a God and that he loves us.// amen! My predestined consumption is over #
  • Mrs W: "if Arminianism is true, heaven help us all!" #
  • RT @KennyKelly: interesting. What about the crucifixion? Did God predestine that? If so, did those Pharisees have a choice? // yes and yes #
  • RT @AJWSmith: @adrianwarnock But remember that Jesus never ate bacon. And you want to be like Jesus… 😉 /// in every other way than that! #
  • RT @timlings: @adrianwarnock why would I bother revising // if I knew that was how God had planned me to pass I would. God plans means #
  • @phunni @KennyKelly Acts 2:23 etc in reply to phunni #
  • @chris_pruett so where do you stand on my spectrum? See my blog… in reply to chris_pruett #
  • @KennyKelly remember God gets the credit, man gets the blame, and God can stop anything he wants to coz he's the boss! in reply to KennyKelly #
  • RT @chris_pruett: HE came 2 earth for everyone but in a saving way 4 some/////= soft or moderate Calvinist and is my view #
  • @KennyKelly ok so the idea to kill Jesus came from evil mens hearts but God knew it was there and determined not to stop it to save us in reply to KennyKelly #
  • @phunni God is never the author of sin in reply to phunni #
  • @DrumPhils not necessarily. If you have absolute power and choose not to stop something then you have planned it. in reply to DrumPhils #
  • @ianjmatt the gospel is freely offered to all. We reject freely. God leaves some to their own decision and actively intervenes with others in reply to ianjmatt #
  • @ianjmatt 1 Tim 4:10. Saviour of all especially those who believe. in reply to ianjmatt #
  • @DrumPhils feel free to go check out my blog for the arminocalvinist spectrum. in reply to DrumPhils #
  • @phunni twitter is inadequate but forces conciseness. God is not the prime cause of any evil. But he uses the evil acts of others for good in reply to phunni #
  • RT @jbwester: @adrianwarnock I am a moderate Calvinist too, but I hate the word moderate.// how about "biblical Calvinist" instead?!? #
  • @pesterjon It was a joke! Of course I think my own viewpoint is the most biblical. I would hope others think the same re their own views. in reply to pesterjon #
  • Sometimes the Bible itself sounds quite Arminian, and at other times I would argue it definitely sounds Calvinist! #
  • RT @AlGarlando @adrianwarnock better to say sometimes a Calvinist sounds Biblical & sometimes an Arminian sounds Biblical 😉 // Fair point! #
  • @ianjmatt Coz I do believe in irresistible grace and that only God deserves any credit for our salvation. But the damned damn themselves in reply to ianjmatt #
  • @emdale23 Ouch! I know Satan sometimes sounds biblical, but surely you are not trying to imply Calvinists or Arminians are like him?? in reply to emdale23 #
  • Do u know, I haven't enjoyed short debates like this 4 ages. But I wonder if Arminians are better at twitter debate! Where R U Calvinists? #
  • If you already read my Arminocalvinist spectrum, go again as I tweaked it thanks to feedback. Where are YOU on it? #
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