Tweets from 2011-01-28

Tweets from 2011-01-28 January 28, 2011
  • Impatience will be sure to follow prayerlessness, but the endurance of the divine will grows out of communion with God. #
  • @passionforgoduk @passionforgoduk I was thinking more about contact management than content management at the moment. I luv wordpress… in reply to passionforgoduk #
  • @daronmedway Interesting…what makes it a challenge to use the web office on churchinsight? in reply to daronmedway #
  • @naescott OK, so if the City is limited for admin, do you use something else alongside it for that? What other tools have you looked at? in reply to naescott #
  • Wondering if there are some good tools out there churches are using to administrate the whole integration process…idea for a blog article. #
  • @bbobel Tell me more about what you like about @thecity ? in reply to bbobel #
  • @chriskear What is ACS? Never even heard of it! What have you considered as replacements so far? I want to be as complete as possible in reply to chriskear #
  • OK, so far two people have recommended @sochurch Anybody else out there use that one? Or know of an alternative? #
  • Someone mentioned anyone use that? #
  • @Pauln1969 Tell me more about your experience with the city? That is certainly one of the tools I'd like to review in reply to Pauln1969 #
  • Someone else mentioned Fellowship One- Anyone using that or have a view? #
  • Any churches out there using secular tools to admin their church and communicate with the people? Anything from google apps marketplace? #
  • Someone suggested Cobblestone. Anyone got any experience of that for administrating a church? #
  • OK, so someone has suggested capsule CRM, others mentioned drobo, mailchimp, eventbrite, and Any thoughts on these? #
  • To follow the discussion on Church Management Systems read!/search/adrianwarnock I am interested to hear more thoughts #
  • Before I disappear…if you decide you want give them "Adrian" as a promo code and they will give you 5% off how cool! #
  • I definitely want to review a bunch of church management systems so keep coming with the recommendations! #
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