A new Warnie award for Bob Roberts

I am sometimes just a little embarrassed these days about the so-called “Warnie Awards.” They are something of a reminder of the good old days of Christian blogging, when almost all of us knew each other, especially the ones that were not political bloggers. Sometimes back then the online blogging community felt more connected. There were certainly a lot more links and interactions with each others posts flying around. It was of course much smaller, and basically much friendlier. With my tongue-in-cheek I started something called “The Warnies.” Basically the idea was to recognize blogging excellence in others and to continue my mission to point out great resources to my readers. Sometimes we really rose to the fun behind the idea and people even posted mock acceptance speeches. These days the Warnies largely live on as a gadget in my sidebar that automatically promotes links to individual posts on the sites of previous winners. It is very rare for me to award a new Warnie, not least because I don’t want to swamp you. I find that I look at it myself most days to check up on what my favorite bloggers are saying. But from today a new blog has the award and will be appearing in the side bar: GlocalNet.

In the past week I have had the privilege of meeting Bob Roberts who is an extraordinary man. He is the pastor of a Texas mega-church which has several daughter churches. But that is not the most remarkable thing about him. Through a series of God-ordained co-incidences and the guiding of the Spirit, Bob has found himself moving in worlds he never imagined he would. He has some incredible friends, and has made a remarkable impact as he has laid aside ingrained fears and prejudices to work to demonstrate the love of God to people that Texans are really not “meant” to get along with! But more remarkable even than that is Bob the person. I have not spent very long with him, but I instantly recognized him as a brother. He is humble, passionate, and clearly loves the Lord, loves Christians of different backgrounds, and loves the varied people of this world who do not yet know Jesus. Bob is now a new friend of mine, and I am very sure that you will find his blog posts edifying and at times challenging to you. I have already started reading one of his books, and I am sure that they are going to also prove very helpful.

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