How to live in the good of God’s grace – Terry Virgo

I hope you have been following along with Terry’s very helpful series of short interviews on the values that have driven his ministry for decades. If not, do visit his site and catch up on them. I have fallen a bit behind, so I will devote this week to us catching up. Here are some extracts from this video:

“I’ve preached the message of grace again and again in all kinds of different contests and watching people coming into that liberty is such a joy. Sometimes it’s very dramatic to see lives totally transformed by understanding someone come into consequences. It’s like you have to preach the gospel to yourself all the time. In my morning devotions, I continually thank God for his grace and sing songs about his grace . . . I keep it very much as the centerpiece of my fellowship with God. I know I am not worthy . . . so I am forever thanking God for his extraordinary kindness . . . its free for us, but it cost Jesus everything. . . We need to constantly remind ourselves of how accepted we are, how God delights in us.”

Terry goes on to explain that he believes it is a big mistake to start our prayer time with confession. Instead, we should start from “Our Father” and “hallowed be your name”.

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