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  • "Glorifying Jesus isn’t just a handful people shutting the doors closing their eyes & experiencing his presence" #
  • @vince_honeycomb it will be available after in audio and video in reply to vince_honeycomb #
  • RT @sodaedwin: For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. 2Cor5.21 #
  • In 4 hours time you can listen to my face to face debate with @realRobBell about the fate of every person who ever lived #
  • RT @UnbelievableJB: Today: @adrianwarnock on God's wrath: people need to hear the bad news which makes the good news so good #
  • RT @UnbelievableJB: @adrianwarnock vs @realrobbell video version goes online Tue 26 April. #LoveWins #
  • RT @UnbelievableJB: Today: @realrobbell on universalism "don't you long for that to happen?" #
  • In half an hour you can listen to my face to face debate with Rob Bell about the fate of every person who ever lived. #
  • On air and online NOW with Rob Bell speaking about the fate of every person who ever lived. #
  • Audio of my face to face debate with Rob Bell available NOW to download Video will post Tuesday. Feisty bit in 2nd half #
  • Rob Bell undermines things that are fundamental to an evangelical understanding, but does so while claiming to be an evangelical not liberal #
  • My favorite bit of the debate with @realrobbell was when I told him he had a different approach to the Bible, not that he had dismissed it. #
  • "If eternal doesn't mean forever and ever then we're all in trouble aren't we?" @slawrenson YES: the same word describes life & punishment #
  • "Getting a Yes or a No out of the man was a seriously challenging task." @spdar // Yes took half the debate but we got there! #
  • @mikebeecham @realrobbell was a bit clearer in the second half of the interview thankfully! in reply to mikebeecham #
  • Yes we "barely scratched the surface" @natefancher Monday I will begin a longish series from notes I wrote in preparation for this debate. in reply to natefancher #
  • RT @nicklaparra: "I'd have lost my head in there. That guy won't answer a freakin question" // Almost did! Arms were waving at one point!! #
  • "Seriously @realrobbell is saying what @brianmclaren couldn't – & I respect that." @grrrlmeetsworld // Yes, the guy comes across as sincere #
  • "Praying for Rob Bell." @randymeeker // Please do it is fearsome responsibility to say "peace peace" if there is no "peace." #
  • "Some of you are ignoring the fact that you are in the path of the wrath of God." @pastormark #
  • "Lets be honest, Rob Bell has a gift, if only it were pointed in the biblical direction!" @psalms638 //Amen too true! #
  • RT @jamesaaronsnow: Sermons @realrobbell won't be preaching Easter Sunday: "Today I would like to introduce our theme, Turn or Burn." #
  • "Was Jesus in hell on Saturday? No. He was in Paradise with the penitent thief." @johnpiper #
  • Looking for my face to face with @realrobbell ? Links to iTunes, MP3 and podcast added to my page: @phunni in reply to phunni #

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