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  • RT @RickWarren: Great pastors know it's more important to pray for your people than preach to them.Preaching without praying is pathetic. #
  • @clock1300 we should ALL be concerned re that I'd rather be wrong proved wrong thru having taken Jesus literally than explain his words away in reply to clock1300 #
  • "No one is mad at the blind for bumping into them. They show them the right way. Dont get mad at the lost, give directions." @lecrae #
  • RT @lecrae: Paul said if Christ ain't resurrected we wasted our lives, well that implies our life's built around Jesus being alive. #fb #
  • Thinking about what tickets to apply for at Anyone know if any of the dates clash with Newday 2012?? #
  • @JeremyHarrison Wheres @joelvirgo when you need him?? in reply to JeremyHarrison #
  • Got text from @JoelVirgo saying that as far as he knows the Olympics do not clash with @newday 2012 (we THINK don't hold us to this!) #
  • Now what events.. last day to apply for the UK residents special tickets… #
  • I am hearing that Newday is 13th – 18th Aug 2012 so no excuse not to apply for the olympic tickets before the deadline tonight #
  • EPIC FAIL! THE olymics ticket server is completely fried. Of COURSE everybody would want to buy tickets at the last possible moment!!! DOH #
  • Why didn't someone figure out they needed to throw more server power at the olymics tonight?? They should have used @vpsnet Few more nodes! #
  • YES! made the olympic server work. Did so by using a network outside of the UK ironically! So maybe can get a friend who's abroad to try! #
  • Someone just sent me some study guide questions they used with a group go thru Raised With Christ. Anybody got similar? Lets Crowd source! #
  • @bobrobertsjr Send him to Mars Hill for a week or two. That will fix it. Just make sure you send him to the RIGHT Mars Hill. (Seattle!) in reply to bobrobertsjr #
  • "An unhappy poor guy is luckier than an unhappy rich guy because the poor guy still has hope. He thinks money would help" @pj_smyth (Kerr) #
  • RT @juliancadams: Prayer is not about overcoming God's reluctance, but about laying hold of His willingness. I like this… #
  • Me: "Chess teaches you lessons you can apply to real life" Henry (my son): "Only if your name is Adolf Hitler"! #
  • Did you have a great time at church on Easter Sunday? Want to capture that vitality week after week? Then preach the resurrection every week #
  • Many people bought Raised With Christ in the last week. That the book is needed is shown by the fact people think of it as an Easter book. #
  • If you want Jesus' resurrection as foundational in your church as the cross is now, hopefully will help a bit. #
  • RT @Frank_Turk: @Phil_Johnson_ I think Rob has had a breakthrough, and I think @adrianwarnock helped him there. // explain? #
  • RT @dannywright2: thank you for taking conversation with bell back to being bound by what Jesus said, not by what I wish He would have said. #
  • RT @Newfrontiers: Book your reduced price tickets to the last Together On A Mission as we know it! Offer ends 30 April #
  • @justcarlin I am blogging about a subject Jesus spoke more about than anyone else in history. But give me a few more days to finish. in reply to justcarlin #
  • You can now watch the whole video or excerpts of @adrianwarnock vs @realrobbell here: #
  • @sbreingan Its approach to Bible. It is hard but just about possible to believe in anihilationalism while still respecting the Bible. in reply to sbreingan #
  • @justcarlin Not all all. I am hopeful that the debate will help people understand what Jesus had to say about hell. #
  • @redpete07 What I mean here is that it was so difficult to nail him down to be clear about his beliefs in a kind of debating jello kinda way in reply to RedPete07 #
  • @tomjunlee It wasnt really cautious neutrality but reluctance to enter another debate like the Steve Chalke one, & having not read the book in reply to Tomjunlee #
  • @justcarlin Made a mistake in my wording. What I meant to say was "nailing him down" have changed the title to that. Glad u picked up on it in reply to justcarlin #
  • RT @joeleastlick: @UnbelievableJB I too found the archive of Mars Hill sermons. That first one sounds like a different Rob Bell for sure! #
  • IMO @realrobbell should put a healthy dose of fear in preachers & all Christians. Few set out to sell out. God help us be true to his word. #
  • @timlings One of them was more sensational than I intended…I said I nailed him when I meant to say nailed him down! Changed now….! in reply to timlings #
  • Described as cautiously neutral at the beginning & now too harsh towards Rob Bell. Hopefully still threading the needle- tricky! #
  • RT @whomwillyeserve: @adrianwarnock we live in a world where the truth is twisted and mangled…we must stand for the Gospel, no matter what #
  • RT @tpryde3: @adrianwarnock I wonder if we have, in part, paved the way by reducing the fear of God to "reverential awe" #
  • May God help us all to keep humble, loving, gracious and yet tenaciously firm in our defense of the truth. I don't always get that right. #
  • @justcarlin What is harder is exposing the error in our hearts. Do I live as I should in response to this fearsome truth of the gospel? in reply to justcarlin #
  • @justcarlin We should not be surprised if @realrobbell gets a warm welcome wherever a graceless & loveless gospel has previously been taught in reply to justcarlin #
  • You can now watch the whole video of my Rob Bell #LoveWins Debate or excerpts (including my reflections) here: #
  • @vicardave Because if you ask questions in a certain tone it is absolutely mocking! It's clear he isn't happy with the majority view in reply to vicardave #

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