VIDEO: Why Rob Bell is so dangerous – So much of what he says is so right!

This clip shows the problem that Rob Bell poses the church today. At the beginning he sounds so plausible, and lets be honest many Christians today do not emphasise the love of God sufficiently. But as I mention towards the end of this clip, we do need to preach the bad news as well as the good news. Until someone understands the horror of the wrath of God towards them, fueled by his holiness and his hatred of sin, they will never grasp the true wonder of the glorious love of God towards them. There is no question, when someone turns to Christ, God is totally for them. The wrath of God has turned away.

Thus, when you listen to Rob Bell, do not be surprised if you agree with much of what he says. That is because he is RIGHT about the love of God, the grace of God, and, of course, right about emphasizing the resurrection! (as you would expect from me, given the subject of my book!). But if he has swung away from one error he has seen where people almost seem to enjoy the fact that sinners will suffer and never speak about God’s love, he has swung too far if he basically denies God’s wrath.

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  • Steve France

    So much comes to mind when looking at Rob Bells view, that is so hard to sum up. I can’t take for instance John 3:16 seriously, or for that matter that the Lord Jesus himself spoke of Hell more than He did Heaven. He isn’t no unjust taskmaster or is spiteful in heart to whip us into the Kingdom. He is love, and his goal is to want us to receive Him fully and enjoy Him..forever. But He is truth to.. so what he says can be trusted.. there is no hidden agenda. Thinking God will change his mind from the foundations set in his Revelation through the life, death and resurrection of His begotten son, and his preached word and his written word, just doesn’t make sense. God is no liar!! Who are we, so sinful, so finite, subject to futility, so haughty, that we think we can tell God what to do… its aweful.. but it shows the truth of what He says about us.. and why Jesus came. It cost God much, because He loved us much, because we needed much!
    The Lord has made us his hands and feet , to be the aroma of Christ on this earth, to be the salt and light to those in Darkness , so just as we were brought forth by his Grace through the gift of faith, so will many more through us. But we dont know who and how and when.
    I’ve had to wrestle in my own heart about the eternal lostness of those who will perish…but oh how I realised my wisdom is God’s folly.. and i’ve repented of such unbelief. Its in nature rebellious I believe that has someone saying such things. Its natural thinking and not spirit led.
    We are all lost and deserving of the wrath of God… so if God choses to bless you with saving faith.. when you were dead in your trespasses and sins… how can you then, once you have received the gift of faith, being born from above (which is the will of God, and not the will of man nor the will of the flesh) can then say .. God.. its a crime in sending people to an eternal darkness without will save everyone because your love….its just not right… and I think unthankful, not forgetting unbiblical to the revealed attributes of our great I AM!
    I’m so thankful to God that he has brought me out of that, and that spurns me on to want all the more to reach out to the lost with God’s love , to tell them the Good news, and to allow God to do what God only can do, in saving people from their sins.

    Also I would like to say… the prodigal son for me addresses 2 sons , but 1 father. A son before new birth and a son after new birth. In either case, the father is THE father of the son, and in both , the son can repent and turn and go to his father. And in both, the father runs to the son and embrasses him. Forgive me if my theology isn’t correct… but from experience.. my testimony as well as others.. our father desires with a great longing for us to run to him.. and he in both cases makes that possible… but we have to do the running. Praise be to His name… lets make it our life story to live out and be and do, all that we have received… hungry to do the work of our Father.. that we can stand before him on that day having done all we could do to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, calling on his name, for his glory, to preach his good news.. that he may say to us… well done, good and faithful servant.

    • Amen Steve. I hope this is the first of many comments from you here!