Tweets from 2011-06-07

  • So glad every delegate attending @300 conf. this Saturday will get a free copy of Virgo's "The Spirit Filled Church" #
  • RT @TopeKoleoso: This should be mandatory reading 4 leaders who want it all: Missional, Reformed & Charismatic. #
  • RT @TopeKoleoso: Having just read "The Spirit Filled Church" again, I'm not surprised it's already gone to 2nd print:inspiring & challenging #
  • RT @TopeKoleoso: To all my dear reformed friends wiv a high view of the Word but tentative about Charismatic Virgo's book will be helpful #
  • @daronmedway why? in reply to daronmedway #
  • RT @TerryVirgo: "The whole life of Jesus was characterised by unbroken and unquestioning faith in his heavenly Father." FFBruce. #
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Billy Graham dies at 99, the ..."
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Billy Graham dies at 99, the ..."

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